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Golf Accessories: A Simple Guide



Some might say that golf requires a lot of things just to enjoy it. There is some truth in this because the game needs certain equipment to keep it going. Golf equipment is also quite expensive, which is why it is important to know what kind of gear you should be getting.

Golf accessories are things that you’ll also need when you’re going out in the course. And golf has lots of them. Some have even become part of the golf equipment. But it’s good to know which ones are essential in your playing.golf-accessories


These are probably the most important of them all. Having a good pair of gloves will help your grip when you are swinging your club. Gloves add more adherences as well to the club which will also give you more stability.
The top brand that provides the best golf gloves is FootJoy. Consider a few things in getting golf gloves:
Comfort – check the fit for each hand and how well it adheres to the club while grasping. This is very important because your hold will also determine your swing.
Material – this component adds to the first one. The material of the glove will give you a glimpse of its flexibility and breathability.


Another pivotal factor would be the kind of golf shoes you wear. This has become part of the important gear that you should have in your golf equipment. But nonetheless, it can also be an accessory for some.

Golf shoes help you traverse different kinds of courses. They also provide comfort for your feet while you’re out the whole day playing. Most golf shoes have waterproof warranty which means they’re designed to go through wet terrain or rainy weather.

Knowing the right kind of brands for your golf shoes will also help you. Like golf gloves, the top brand for golf shoes is FootJoy. There are also other great choices such as Nike, Adidas, Callaway and Puma. But there are other things to look out for:

Fit – this one is pretty basic. You want a pair of golf shoes that fit when you’re playing. Comfort is very important because it will affect your game play whether you like it or not. Breathability is a factor that you should consider because you would want your feet to be able to breathe.

Durability – a pair that will last for at least two years is already a good sign of great durability. Golf shoes can get worn out easily when they’re not made out of the right material. Choose between leather and synthetic material. These are the most reliable components in golf shoes.

Design – Style is also pretty important in golf. Of course, it may not help you in your game or wouldn’t add anything in your golf equipment. But there’s no harm in looking good while playing, is there?

Visors and Shades

Golf AccessoriesHere are two helpful accessories in the game. Visors and shades can be very conducive in your golf especially in a hot and sunny day. Remember, you are not just going to keep hitting golf balls the whole time. Most your time will be spent on walking and driving around the course looking for the ball to make your next hit.
A visor would be helpful while you’re playing. This does not hinder your vision while you’re making your swing. A pair of shades would be helpful in your downtime.


Golf equipment is very important in the game. The same goes with the accessories. Make use of everything you can have for your game and you are sure to have a great experience in golf.